The Joneses LA



  We are The Joneses

      We specialize in stylish,

      super comfy sofas and sectionals.

      We are passionate about the environment, 

      local economy and design.

      We believe d
esigning your home should

      be fun and limitless, furniture should be

      local, service, quality  and quick lead

      times are the norm, not the exception.   

     We want anyone interested in an eco friendly

     product to be able to afford one.


    We have a sofa for every budget. 

    Our custom eco friendly sofas come with

    a lifetime warranty.

    Custom sofas start at $995!

    Sectionals at $1495 

     Our product is healthier and made with

    a conscience. 


   We manufacture and source locally.

    Our materials are never treated

    with chemicals.

    *Imported furniture and materials must be treated  at the ports

      with insecticides, fungicides and chemical fire retardant.

      Internationally imported and domestically manufactured furniture

      from all states is regulated and must also be treated with chemical

       fire retardant a known carcinogen. 

   Our local, family owned factory is fair wage,

   clean, air conditioned and compliant.

   We lessen our carbon footprint by sourcing our

   materials and manufacturing locally.  

   Our sofas are quality and won't end up in a

   landfill or on the curb.

   We back our commitment to quality with

   our lifetime warranty.  

   We welcome you to The Joneses!

  We Innovate.  We design.  We amaze.















      Huge Floor Model Sale!!

       We must make room 

         for new inventory!!

        Starts Today!! 8/23


         Don't miss out!!


     20% to 80% off *select

    floor model sofas & chairs

    Manhattan sofa $795

    Montague sofa $795

    South Hampton sofa $995

    Malibu armless sofa $695

    Astro sofa $1495

   *Fee local/same day delivery! 

     The early bird gets the worm!! 


  Joneses   on     

    R O B E R T S O N!!

       now OPEN !!

         227 South Robertson Blvd,

           Los Angeles, CA 90211

   Lots of free parking!

  3 times the inventory!

  The same value, quality  

  and service!  


          See You Soon!