Designing and buying a sofa at The Joneses is simple and fun! 

You can have a new custom sofa in around 1-2 weeks!

Our design and production process is streamlined with in-house designers who have a passion for sofas. 

What makes the Joneses different?

#1   NO Chemical Fire Retardant. 

Our sofas are different and better for many reasons, the most important being that they are free of chemical fire retardant, pesticides and fungicides. 

*Our upholstery products exceed state and federal thermal requirements without the use of chemical fire retardant. 


Our sofas are manufactured in our local, family owned, fair wage factory which is climate controlled and follows all state and federal laws. 



Not only does your sofa not travel great distances burning fuel and resources, but your purchase directly impacts over 180 Angelenos and their families.  We are able to provide a healthy work environment and an incredible custom product at a very fair price. 


Our sofas are made in Los Angeles. Our materials are sourced locally.  We use sustainable West Coast, kiln dried Alderwood in our frames. 

QUALITY  Our sofas are made to last and won't end up on the curb or in a landfill. 


​Once you choose your frame, fill and fabric, you will be enjoying your new furniture in 1-3 weeks.  We stock 99% of our fabric selection. (over 3,000 choices) 


​Each of our sofas come with a free lifetime warranty which covers the entire frame, seams and button tufting. 


The Joneses is family owned and operated.  We value our clientele  and want your business and referrals for a lifetime. If an issue ever were to arise we personally take care of you. 

*The Joneses does not ship outside Southern California.  

What you  should know about the upholstery industry before bringing furniture home:

- Chemical fire retardant is a known carcinogen and is in everything from children's pajamas to sofas. Sadly these chemicals are now present in people, newborn's and even breast milk.  Fire retardant is not healthy and unnecessary.  

- Furniture industry workers have a higher incidence of rare cancers due to chemical fire retardant.

- Imported furniture, fabrics and materials are sprayed with fungicide, insecticide, rodenticide and pesticides at the ports. 

- All large retailers must spray their products with chemical fire retardant in order to comply with 50 different state regulations. 

- Any manufacturers shipping their product outside California must also treat their sofas and fabrics with chemical fire retardant to meet 50  different state mandates (this means they will likely spray all sofas- even the ones which stay in California).​ 

​- There are sweat shops in LA making sofas.  Imported sofas are also made under harsh conditions.  Make informed decisions and don't contribute to abuse in LA or around the world.  Make certain your furniture is from a reputable source. 

- Fullfillment centers while they are providing American jobs, still aren't the healthiest places to work.  Employees at fulfillment centers are often overworked, underpaid and not given appropriate breaks. 

The Chesterfield

 A classic statement piece.   You've made your mark and it shows with The Chesterfield. For those who like tradition and a structure.  

We make a beautiful Chesterfield.  Each and every button diamond tuft is covered for a lifetimes of use. 

Tip: Two Chesterfields across from the  fireplace with a substantial coffee table is Perfection and always great Feng Shui.  Throw in a couple of pillows and it's super comf and really beautiful. 

The Madmen Sofa   

 A button tufted bench seat, tight back and narrow arms makes this mid century remake  feel more like a virtual time machine!  This sofa meshes comfort and  great posture. We love the Madmen!  Looks fantastic in bright nubbly fabrics and smooth velvets. We think it looks amazing in any fabric.  

The Berliner 

Once you sit in this dreamy sofa you'll be saying, "Ich bin ein Berliner".  

The Berliner is a unique style for those of you like to be different and have something no one else has.  Yes, you'd rather have found it on the side of the road and recovered it, but you aren't into cooties or pesticides and face it, you like convenience along with our  local philosophy and eco friendly focus.. and don't forget,  a lifetime warranty. 

The Berliner has a curved  back, narrow-modern sweeping arm, bench seat, double-flange welt  and a unique back to float in any room.

Optimize your space and improve your social life with The Berliner.  


          Welcome to 
     The Joneses      

Our Lead Designer and Architect, Martin De Choch.  

The Malibu 

How can you resist it? 

The Malibu is for our dreamers and sunset lovers.  Effortless and sophisticated. You drank the Southern California Kool Aide and never want to go back.  Life is simple.  Lounging and entertaining. I smell Smores and and salty air.  What more do you need?  Just The Malibu.

 Photo by Gray Malin

Cozy up. 

Our sofas are free of chemical fire retardant.

The Montague 

A mid century masterpiece.  The Montague meshes comfort and clean lines.   Do you love Jackie "O" and Camelot?  That's why you love The Montague!   All the lines are just right.  Live it up while looking completely put together on The Montague. 

The Cloud Sofa/Chaise

Perfect for family lounging.. Cover The Cloud in a manly fabric and suddenly you have the best man cave sofa ever made..

WE call it "The DUDE" and if you've read our reviews, you've already heard of this legendary sofa.

The Abbott Kinney sports a sturdy stainless steel frame, contemporary lines and button tufting.  A sophisticated sofa for any room.