Cushion Fill Options: 


  We offer a range of cushions to meet

  your needs and your budget. 

  Here is the low down on our Fill Options:

  #1  High Density 2.8 Foam with Dacron crown:

  This is our standard cushion which offers the

  very best support! Great for everyone,

  especially for our clients with back problems.

  These  cushions are very comfortable, sleek

  and hold their shape forever!  No Fluffing!

  No upcharge!

  #2  Medium Foam with Dacron crown: 

   A little "mush for your tush". Do you own stock

 in Charmin? This cushion offers less resistance

  for your booty. The soft foam sinks a little when

  you  sit in it while still giving you clean lines.  

 Great for cushion connoisseurs on a budget!


  #3  10/90 Down:  

  Squishy, mushy, sometimes pokey.  Down

  gives you that "status" mush all over, sliding

  off the sofa, lumpy, rich look you are after.  

  We add a foam core for support. Just remember

  when you are going for this status, you are

  going to be fluffing.  Down shifts, moves and


  Just as feather's can escape from pillows, they

  can escape from cushions.  

  Expect some feathers and Fluffing. Your house

  keeper's biceps never looked better!  

   #4 Hypo allergenic Trillium:  

  There is enough dust, pollen and contaminates

  in the world without your cushions adding more.

  We think the world of Trilium.  These 

  cushion are all "status" totally vegan and no  


  Fluffy, mushy, sliding all over.. all the goodness

  of down with none of the dust mites or allergies.  

  Denier Trillium is hypoallergenic and mimics

  down, but  frankly it's much better than down.  


  Crickets, silver fish and mites don't eat it.

  No dust with  Denier.. (the key ingredient of  

  Trillium). Great for all of our vegan party

  people those who love down but live with


  Trillium does not attract pets the same way


  does. (Kitty and puppy think there is a bird in  

  those down cushions.) 

   So, in a nutshell: No sneezing, wheezing or

  itching on denier trillium cushions!  

  We really love this product, but be advised: 

   *Fluffing is required with Denier Trillium just as

   it is with down. This product shifts and settles

   just like down. The beauty of this product is

  you can always get these cushions looking as

  gorgeous and as fluffy as the day they were


  Everyone loves our Trillium Denier! 

The Chesterfield  A classic statement piece.   You've made your mark and it shows with The Chesterfield. For those who like tradition and a structure.

Tip: Two Chesterfields across from the  fireplace with a substantial coffee table is Perfection and always great Feng Shui.  Throw in a couple of pillows and it's super comf and really beautiful. 

  • Strange Overtones4:16

The Madmen Sofa.    

 A button tufted bench seat, tight back and narrow arms makes this mid century remake  feel more like a virtual time machine!  This sofa meshes comfort and  great posture. We love the Madmen!  Looks fantastic in bright nubbly fabrics and smooth velvets. We think it looks amazing in any fabric.  

 The Casting Couch.  Welcome to LA!

 Wondering where to start?  The Casting Couch is the bread to your butter and the peas to your carrots.  

The Casting Couch is comfy and sweet with a button tufted back and a split cushion.   $995 any fabric.

 Noted for comfort and good looks.  This is a solid sofa that you will enjoy for years to come.  Choose you fabric and leg finish!  We make the Casting Couch in 1-2 weeks.  The Casting catch will enhance the character of any room in your home- it's a great place to start. 


Welcome     Willkomen     Bienvenida      歓迎     Velkommen      Benvenuto       Vítejte

The Malibu 

How can you resist it? 

The Malibu is for our dreamers and sunset lovers.  Effortless and sophisticated. You drank the Southern California Kool Aide and never want to go back.  Life is simple.  Lounging and entertaining. I smell Smores and and salty air.  What more do you need?  Just The Malibu.

The Montague 

A mid century masterpiece.  The Montague meshes comfort and clean lines.  A Joneses favorite! Do you love Jackie "O" and Camelot?  That's why you love The Montague!  Narrow arm, T-cushion seat and a high back.  All the lines are just right.    This sofa is left wing and waiting for you to speak your mind.  Sip your tea or your gin and tonic with good posture and talk politics on The Montague.  Live it up while looking completely put together on The Montague. 

 Photo by Gray Malin

Our product is Safe, Eco Friendly and manufactured in our  local fair wage factory. 

Cozy up. Our sofas are free of Chemical Fire Retardant.

The Cloud Sofa/Chaise. 48" deep and dreamy! Perfect for family lounging.. Cover The Cloud in a manly fabric and suddenly you have the best man cave sofa ever made..

WE call it

The DUDE and if you've read our reviews, you've already heard of this legendary sofa.

The Berliner 

Once you sit in this dreamy sofa you'll be saying, "Ich bin ein Berliner".  

The Berliner is a unique style for those of you like to be different and have something no one else has.  Yes, you'd rather have found it on the side of the road and recovered it, but you aren't into cooties or pesticides and face it, you like convenience along with our  local philosophy and eco friendly focus.. and don't forget,  a lifetime warranty. 

The Berliner has a curved  back, narrow-modern sweeping arm, bench seat, double-flange welt  and a unique back to float in any room.

Optimize your space and improve your social life with The Berliner.  



    Our Sofas are quality and made to

  last. We have been making sofas in

  our local, family owned factory since


   We want you to be happy with your

   purchase for years!  

  We are always thrilled to re-visit clients

  who purchased back in the 90's.  Time

  and time again we see our original

  frames looking timeless and as

  beautiful as the day they were


  We are confident in the quality of our

  custommade in LA  sofas.  

  So confident, we back the quality of

  our sofas by providing a free lifetime


  Repairs are rare and they are FREE.  

         Our warranty covers:

         *Entire Frame:    lifetime

         *Button Tufting:  lifetime

         *All Seams:         lifetime

      Cushion inserts: 2 year warranty

      against defect. *This does not

      include normal "wear and tear".

            What you need to know:

    *You will need your original invoice. 

     It is the obligation of the purchaser

     to keep original sales receipt.

     You must have original date of  

     purchase and name of original


    When repairs are needed, we do our 
    best to have your piece ready within 4


        What is not covered:

   Transportation of your piece to

   our factory for repair is not covered

  and the furniture must be picked up

  and delivered by our truck.

   Please be advised: 


  We cannot warranty fabrics.

  Our fabrics are upholstery grade with a

  minimum of 30,000- 100,00 double rub



  Pets, lotions, and uv light can fade color

  fabrics.  Color transfer  can also occur from

  dark denim.  Oils from hands can soil fabrics. 

   If abuse and misuse is

   detected/warranty is void.

   Definition of Abuse and misuse:  

  *Please be aware arms and backs

   of sofas are not intended for sitting.  

   Sitting on the arms or back of the

   sofa,  jumping on the sofa etc. is fun but is

   not advised and is considered

   misuse and poor manners :-)

    Button Tuft repairs for loose cushions

    can be done in store by appointment.  

   Please make certain you have the button.

   (If not, we'll need to make it for you and we

    will need your original invoice in order to

   match dye lot)

   All other repairs will be picked up

   from your home or office on Monday

   or Tuesday and scheduled for return

   delivery on Friday/Saturday of the

   same week.