Designing and buying a sofa at The Joneses is simple and fun! Our style, quality and

   quick lead-times are an amazing value. 

     Margot Jones, designer and creative force behind The Joneses has been designing

   custom sofas and couches since 1995. From years of set styling and decorating the

   homes of Notable Angelenos, Margot has brought together her signature style, a

   comfortable and an effortless blend of European and costal styles.  Margot has curated

   her roomy showroom to feel like home.  Come see why the Joneses is where Angelenos

   design their perfect sofa!  ​  

​    Let our designers take you through our streamlined process and you could be enjoying

   your new custom sofa faster than anywhere else in Los Angeles. 

                                So, what makes The Joneses different?

  #1 Safer Sofas

     Our sofas are different and better for many reasons, the most important being that they

  are a safer product by using only the best quality low VOC materials. The Joneses

  was manufacturer in Los Angeles to ban chemical fire retardant in our products.  

   You know what is really cool? Our upholstery products actually exceed state and federal

   thermal requirements without the use of chemical fire retardant. ​


   Support Local 

   Our sofas are manufactured in our local, family owned, fair wage factory which is

   climate controlled and follows all state and federal laws. 

    Not only does a Joneses sofa not travel great distances burning fuel and resources, but

   your purchase directly impacts over 180 Angelenos and their families.  We are able

   to provide a healthy work environment and an incredible custom product at a very fair


    Sustainability is Key 

   Our sofas are made in Los Angeles. Our materials are sourced locally.  We use

   sustainable West Coast, kiln dried Alderwood in our frames. 



    Our sofas are made to last and won't end up on the curb or in a landfill. 


   Quick Lead Time 

​   Once you choose your frame, fill and fabric, you will be enjoying your new furniture in half

   the time of a big box store, because our product is manufactured in Los Angeles!


     Lifetime Warranty

​    Each of our sofas comes with a lifetime warranty which covers the entire frame, seams

    and button tufting. 


    Customer Service

    The Joneses is family owned and operated.  We value our clientele and want your

    business and referrals for a lifetime. If an issue ever were to arise we personally take

    care of you. 

The Abbott Kinney sports a sturdy stainless steel frame, contemporary lines and button tufting.  A sophisticated sofa for any room.