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Visit our Showroom!

Located between Wilshire and Olympic. 

    How We work

    We have amazing prices because we have a

    limited staff and no dedicated receptionist.  

    We are a busy showroom and we give our

   undivided attention to our in store clientele.  

   Kindly leave a message and we will  return 

   your call as soon as possible.


   99 % of our orders deliver within two weeks!

  If you are curious about your delivery: 

  please know,  as soon as the last stitch is in

  and your piece is wrapped and ready for

  delivery we will call immediately to arrange 

  for next day delivery or the date and time

  of your choosing within 5 days of completion.  

  We do not schedule deliveries before

  your piece is completed. 

​    Showroom:  424-288-4140

   *If you have an urgent situation regarding your 

    delivery or would like to discuss your

    experience at The Joneses please TEXT:

                call: 310-497-0153 

                or text: 805-636-7290 (text only please)​




  It is not our policy to quote over

  the phone or through email.  

   We have found that we provide

   the best design and service

   within our showroom.


                 SHOWROOM HOURS &

               Important Numbers


                  227 South Robertson Blvd
                  Beverly Hills, CA 90211



                  Monday              11-6

​                  Tuesday             11-6

                  Wednesday        11-6

                  Thursday            11-6

                  Friday                 11-6

                  Saturday             11-6

                  Sunday               12-5  



  Showroom: 424-288-4140

   *Please be advised: Calls frequently go

    to voicemail when the showroom is busy,

    especially on weekends. Please do not be

    alarmed, leave a message and we will 

    return your call.

   *If you have an urgent situation regarding your 
    delivery or if would like to discuss your experience

    at The Joneses: 

     call: 310-497-0153 
     or text: 805-636-7290 (text only please)​


 *For ETA's Kindly leave a message with your last name


     *If you have any urgent delivery situation

     *If you want to discuss your experience 


   EMERGENCY: Please call or text: 310-497-0153 



We can recommend a few trusted designers whose style we love and that we love to work with. 

Lily Spindle:  


Two Fold:

Scribe Studio
Denise: 818.468.2766
Tricia: 310.926.4677

Interiors 86

  Our Location