It's free, because we have very few repairs.  

Our sofas are quality and made to last. We have been making sofas in our local, family owned factory since 1995.  

We want you to be happy with your purchase for years!  We are always thrilled to re-visit clients who purchased back in the 90's.

Time and time again we see our original frames looking timeless and as beautiful as the day they were delivered.   

We are confident in the quality of our custom made in LA sofas. We back the quality of our sofas by providing a free lifetime warranty. Repairs are rare and they are FREE.  

Our Lifetime warranty covers:

- Entire Frame

- Button Tufting

- All Seams

- Foam Cushion inserts:  2 year warranty against defect.

- This does not include normal "wear and tear".  Cushions need to be rotated occasionally.  If you sit in the same spot of the sofa,

  eventually there will be a depression.  This is normal wear and tear.  Luckily, this is an uncommon occurrence in our sofas. 

What you need to know:

- You will need your original invoice. Before a repair can be addressed we need to see your original invoice. 

- It is the obligation of the purchaser to keep original sales receipt. 
- You must have original date of purchase and name of original buyer. 
- When repairs are needed, we do our best to have your piece ready within 4 days. 

What is not covered:

- Transportation of your piece to our factory for repair is not covered.

- The furniture must be picked up and delivered by our truck. No exceptions.

Please be advised: 
- We cannot warranty fabrics 
- Our fabrics are all high quality, upholstery grade with a minimum of 30,000-100,00 double rub count

- Pets, lotions, and uv light can fade color fabrics

- Color transfer can also occur from dark denim

- Oils from hands can soil fabrics

*Acrylic fibers from synthetic blankets can transfer to woven upholstery and can cause transfer piling 

- Button tuft repairs for loose cushions can sometimes be done in store by appointment. Please make certain you have the button. (if not, we'll need to make one for you. We will need your original invoice in order to match dye lot)

- If abuse and/or misuse is detected, warranty is void.  

Definition of "abuse and misuse":  

- Please be aware arms and backs of sofas are not intended for sitting, standing
- Sitting on the arms or back of the sofa, jumping on the sofa etc. is fun, but is not advised and is considered misuse. 

- excessive soiling of fabric.  To protect our workers we cannot repair furniture if it is soiled or covered in pet hair.  

- unmannerly behavior will void warranty

Repairs that cannot be done on-site will be picked up from your home or office on Monday or Tuesday and scheduled for return delivery on Friday/Saturday of the same week. ​